June 24th Is Take Your Dog To Work Day – Tips And Gift Ideas

Dogs are the best companions of man; one of the earliest domesticated animals in homes, dogs have always been feted as the ultimate symbols of love and faithfulness. Dogs are not just useful as guard dogs but also as therapy dogs in treating depression and anxiety disorders. Reports show the benefits of working in a dog-friendly office in enhancing productivity and keeping the employees happy and positive even on a stressful and hectic day at work.

It is take your day to work Day!! (1)

Dogs can remind people to stay relaxed and to celebrate the lighter side of life and to appreciate the small things in life. Take your dog to work day on June 24th will make a perfect day for everyone to chill out and be happy without being bogged down by the stress of everyday life.

Here are a few tips that will help you make this day dedicated to the faithful Fidos in your life really interesting!

Be responsible

While bringing your pooch to office, make sure that it is a well trained dog that stays quiet and be good with strangers. It is recommended to keep the furry bundles on a leash. Well, did we just said that custom leash will make a perfect gift to show some brand loyalty for your employees. Another fabulous gift to consider on this occasion is these cute bone shaped LED pet light that will come handy while taking their dog on a walk at night.

Promotional LED Dog Bone Safety Pet Light

Be Prepared

Even the best potty trained dog can mess up in unfamiliar settings. So make sure to have a clean-up bag dispenser handy so that your employees can avoid any nasty surprises at office. Make sure to bring all the favorite toys of your dog that will keep him calm and engaged while the employees get busy with their customer calls and meetings.

Custom Logo Imprinted Dog Waste Bag Dispenser


Make sure to keep the furry friends happy and well settled with custom dog treats, which will highlight the dog friendly credentials of your office too.

Give space

Never put dogs in stressful situations and crowded areas as they may react in an unpredictable manner. It is essential to offer ample space for the visiting dogs to play and relax, away from the work place stress and commotion. Custom pet bowls will make a great choice to promote your pet friendly image of your office and to create awareness of this day. Travel pet water bowls made of polyester material and can easily be attached to their leashes will make another interesting corporate gift idea to encourage employees to bring their dogs to offices.

Custom Imprinted Travel Pet Water Bowls

Ensure play time

The dog will obviously be bored if it has to sit idle all day. During lunch break, get your dog moving with a game of fetch with custom frisbees. It will enhance your interaction with the pet.

How do you plan to celebrate this day in office? Share your ideas and thoughts in our comments section and join the conversation!

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