Gifts That Can Perk Up Your Customer Referral Program

Custom gifts will go a long way in driving referrals and making sales. Studies show that people are four times more likely to buy a product when referred by a friend. Word of mouth publicity has been one of the oldest forms of promotions and it still holds true if the success of referral programs is any indication. . Referral programs are cost effective ways to enhance your customer base and to enhance your business relations. By handing out gifts to your existing customers for referring new leads, they will feel inspired to talk about what they love about your brand. Custom gifts leave a tangible reminder of your product in front of your audience, which makes them more effective than cash gifts in referral programs.

Everyone loves referral gifts!!

Gifts that turn into their banter topics

Referral gifts make talking topics for most people thanks to the feel good factor attached with these custom gifts. Daily use custom gifts like drinkware items or totes will give your loyal customers a tempting reason to start a conversation about your business wherever they go. Choose season the specific gifts that will get used up almost instantly.

Useful Gifts that are season specific

For instance, talking about referral gifts for winter referral programs, insulated metal tumblers like Himalayan tumblers will make a perfect choice. Every time they start their morning with these gifts they cannot stop thinking about your brand. These attractive custom gifts will make delightful addition to the drinkware collection of every home, which in turn will generate a lot of interest among anyone who sees it. Use it as referral gifts or to welcome new customers, these logo items will never fail to impress people. Blankets will make yet another useful gift. Anything imprinted on this will get the attention of a large audience including the family of your recipients thereby increasing your brand exposure manifold.

Gifts that make them feel happy

Referral gifts need not be confined to the business hours as these can be used as thank you gifts for your loyal clients even during happy hours outside the normal business hours. Gifts like coasters or bottle opener keychains will all make perfect gifts that will keep your brand in their eyespan during their leisure hours and in their social circles.

Games like puzzles or playing cards will inspire the customers to be part of the referral programs. Make sure to choose gifts of a higher value for customers who have been referring consistently.

Scented candles and diffusers are all good gift ideas to beat the bad weather blues during winter. The best part is that everyone will be tempted to take a closer look at the brand on these custom gifts that will make the recipients feel special.

Which are the gifts that you plan to use in your referral programs? Share your thoughts at the comments section below.

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