Employee Appreciation Handouts That will Pay off

Looking for a unique employee recognition gift that is not just useful but also has a fun streak in it? Here are some work anniversary gifts that will earn your recipients the bragging rights for life. It will go above and beyond to help build your company’s culture and double up as an interesting topic to think and talk for everyone around.

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A happy team is the best asset for any organization. It will not just ensure more productivity but will prevent attrition and enhance annual revenue growth, and the overall customer satisfaction.

Reports show that 85.5% employees who feel appreciated will go above and beyond their required duties- against 40% employees who feel they are not appreciated by the employer.

Let’s be frank about it. All types of human relationships basically work on the principles of reciprocity. We have an instinct to give back when somebody does things that makes us feel good. Custom gifts also work on the same principle. It shows how much you care for your team. Receiving a gift will evoke positive feelings in the minds of the audience while your brand gets the much needed publicity. It will be a win-win situation for everyone.

Here are some Cool Gift Ideas to show that you care

Custom Tech Gifts

Make life easier for your team and help them strike a perfect work- life balance with these handy gifts that everybody will appreciate receiving. From wireless earbuds to charging pads and powerbanks, there is an impressive line-up of high-quality tech accessories that anybody is bound to appreciate. Wireless speakers are another gift choice to consider.

Outdoor living is the trend these days and your team will appreciate this gift that will let them play their favorite play list anytime, anywhere! Solar charging USB umbrellas is an interesting handout that everyone will appreciate.  The flexible solar panel will let users charge 2 cell phones and one tablet simultaneously while the users will have the dual advantage of having an umbrella and a USB drive on hand.

7 Ft Custom Solar Charging USB Umbrellas Your team will love to have these solar power pedometers  during camping and outdoor holidays as these will help them to stay on their fitness schedules without having to worry about the battery of their pedometers getting worn out!

Solar Power Cosmic Pedometers

Custom Multi-Purpose Products

Double the purpose double will be your brand exposure. Choose from an impressive collection of custom gifts in just about every price rate. From stylus pens to bottle opener keychains, wireless charging mouse pads and a lot more, there is something special for everyone.

Wireless Charging Mouse Pad With Phone Stand

Looking for some eye popping combo gifts? Speaker bottles that pour out both beverage and music will make a great choice. Your employees will be showing off these not-so-average gifts for years to come. Just imagine the exposure your brand imprinted on these custom gifts will get

Eco friendly

Highlight your sustainability with these custom gifts that are made the most environment friendly way. From Cork Ceramic Travel Mugs to cork drawstring backpacks  and wooden pens, these sustainable gifts that keep on giving will make a great investment.

Brea Cork Ceramic Travel Mugs

Need more? Browse our collection of imprinted gifts and choose a model that matches your theme.