Different types of Custom Outdoor Signage For Social Distancing

The pandemic has restricted personal interactions and socializing  to unimaginable limits. At a time when hand shake is replaced by high five or head bow ; or you dine out in restaurants staring at the empty chair next to you, life has become more challenging than ever.

The pandemic has imposed a lot of norms on all of us – whether you like it or not. Social distancing and PPE items have become part and parcel of everyday life as these are the only proven way to stay safe and reduce the speed of germ  transmission.


 The new world norms are seriously affecting how and where we work, play, and go about our daily routines. However, social distancing continues to be the only practical way to stay safe from the germs. Retail stores, restaurants and offices need to adhere to the current social distancing regulations to ensure the safety of their employees and customers alike.

Custom signage will make it easier for you to remind your  patrons about social distancing in a subtle way without being intrusive . Get your message on specific safety guidelines through these visually appealing posters, banners,  magnets, and other signs.

Custom Social Distancing Reminder Signage

Most people need to be reminded about social distancing norms as it is something they are new to. Choose from a full range of promotional social distancing items that can be customized to match the décor of your business.

  Untitled design (2)

Imprinted Coronavirus safety tips magnets

 Doctor’s offices, schools, hospitals, retail shops or in fact any business can  make their customers aware of the pandemic and the safety guidelines by getting it imprinted on these full color awareness magnets that are made in the USA. These can also be used as mailer items or swag bag items during health awareness events and tradeshows.

Customized Coronavirus Prevention Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Wash your hands sign

Washing hands regularly will  reduce the risk of contracting Coronavirus. Use  octagon shape magnets  as gentle reminder of this good practice without coming off as pushy. Customize these with illustrations, artwork or cartoons to make it engaging and lighthearted.

Customized Awareness Octagon Shaped Magnets - 25 Mil

Restaurant Seating Signage

Restaurants  need to ensure social distancing  in letter and spirit than any other industry considering the close interaction that their employees and patrons may have. Floor stickers can be used to mark out spots where the customers can stand. Arrange the chairs in such a way that an empty chair is placed after each chair. Restaurant seating signage that can be slipped over chair backs will make it easy for your guests to find their chairs.

Custom yard sign

Get your safety policies like face coverage, social distancing behaviors, occupancy limits etc made clear by getting it imprinted on these high visibility yard signs. It will make it easy for your customers to follow them Choose from a wide range of sizes and models to suit your needs.

Everyday Rail Banner Display Kit

We have an extensive range of custom signs that can meet any need. Choose an appropriate model to ensure a safe reopening and ensure an enjoyable experience for your customers.