Daylight Saving Starts On March 10- Shop for Custom Gifts to Remind Your Recipients

Day light saving starts  on March 10th and it is time yet again to set our clocks ahead by one hour to make the most of the natural daylight of spring and summer season. But this would also mean an hour less to sleep, to bar crawl and to hit the dance floors. In some cases daylight savings could make most people worn out as they strive to adjust their schedules and pack in more tasks to their day hours. So, business owners who truly care for their audience can look for some thoughtful custom gifts which will keep them in good spirits and your brand well displayed.

Day light saving starts- Turn your clock

Here are some logo items ProImprint that will help your audience to make their day time more interesting and inspiring.

Fitness products: With the warm spring sunshine around, it will make a perfect time for people to get in shape and stay fit after the winter season lull. Check out our complete line of custom fitness products like exercise bands, pedometers or yoga mats that will help your recipients to achieve their fitness goals, keep track of their progress and make changes.

Custom Printed In Shape Pedometer with Molded Clip

Watches: Make sure your customers get up an hour early for the next few months with these custom time minding machines. Your brand will get a lot of attention as they start their day reading your message.

Hot and Cold Gel Packs: The outdoorsy clients may be tempted to push their limits while pursuing holidays and road trips that they have been putting off for long. Hand out these highly functional hot and cold gel packs that will help them soothe their sore muscles and stiff joints at the end of a long day.

Natural Scented Wonder Beads Eye Masks: Double Safety Tested for CPSIA, FDA and TRA, these custom hot/cold packs contains natural clay and non-toxic oils, which will keep the eyes cool and relaxed. Let your recipients enjoy a good night’s sleep and remember your brand for yet another reason.

Stress balls : Day light saving might make it difficult for some people to cope up with the increase in tasks that they find in their to-do list. This is where gifts like custom stress balls come to the picture. It will keep them happy and relaxed anytime, anywhere and your brand will get a pat at the back too from your audience. Choose from a range of colors and shapes to complement your promotional theme.

Metal tumblers: Insulated metal tumblers that serve both hot and cold beverages fresh and in the desired temperatures will make a great handout to remind your recipients of the end of day light saying. Customize these with your brand, artwork or message to make it unique and attention grabbing!

Outdoor staples: Can there be a better gift choice than some of these outdoor staples like custom T shirts, sunglasses, sunscreen or picnic sets to mark the end of daylight saving? Imprint your brand, message or artwork to complement the theme. Your recipients will surely love the attention that these logo items will earn them

What are the promotional items that you are planning to use to remind your audience of the end of daylight saving? Be sure to share it with us in the comments section below.

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