Custom Tool Kits- Popular Custom Gifts For DIY Enthusiasts

We at ProImprint get a lot of enquiries from businesses on the best possible custom gift choices that will complement their business line and impress their target audience. There are some businesses like restaurants and hotels that can virtually use any type of custom gifts without the risk of being out of place. However, niches like heavy engineering and emergency services need something specific in their gift list to strike a rapport with their audience. If you think you are unable to find an appropriate gift that aligns with your business niche, this blog will be just for you.

Custom Tool Kits- Popular Custom Gifts For DIY Enthusiasts

Holiday season may not necessarily be the best time to talk about wrench tools and spanner sets. However, when you are in an industry where these tool sets play a crucial role, it goes without saying that the best thoughtful gifts for you will be custom tool kits even during the holiday season. Offered in a range of styles and price points, we have a range of tools sets for both home and businesses. From simple and handy to well sorted and comprehensive, there are dime a dozen models to choose from.

3 In 1 Tool Kits: Affordable and practical, this 3-in-1 tool kit features everything that you may need in your emergency kit including a 39” inch tape measure, 2 Philips head and 2 flat head screwdrivers, swivel hook keychain and magnetic port for accepting ports. The good thing is that it doubles up as a keychain too, which further enhances the utility and popularity of these gifts. Personalize these with your brand and message and see how these logo items will impress your audience. Often tool kits get borrowed in times of needs, which means that your message on these will get a wide angle display in an extended audience.

Custom Printed 3 In 1 Tool Kits

26-Piece Deluxe Tool Kits: Offered in a tri-fold heavy duty case with a snap closure, this tool kit includes 6 precision screwdrivers, 10-piece screwdriver bits in a bit holder, extension rod, needle-nose pliers, bit driver with plastic handle, and diagonal wire cutters with matte grip handles, tweezers and 4 wrench sockets. These reliable and long lasting carbon steel tools will lend credibility to your branding efforts for sure. Your recipients will surely be reminded about your brand and message every time they use these for maintenance works

Custom 26-Piece Deluxe Tool Kits

WorkMate 27-Piece Tool Set: This handy tool kit with 27 different tools including six-piece mini driver set, needle nose pliers, wire cutters and precision tweezers among others, custom printed workmate 27 pieces tool set will help your clients to carry out their DIY tasks confidently. Packed in fold-over carrying case equipped with individual tool pockets, these logo items will make an impressive billboard for your brand and message.

Custom Printed WorkMate 27-Piece Tool Set

14-Piece Ratchet Driver Set: Packed in a translucent plastic case, these driver sets will surely be an outstanding promotional gift for your clients or potential customers. Hardware stores and power tools manufacturers can make these custom products their promotional gifts

Custom Imprinted 14-Piece Ratchet Driver Set

Reports show that practical gifts like tool kits enjoy a long retention. Browse our impressive list of custom tool kits that will get your message into the homes and spaces of your recipients and engrave a long lasting impression in their minds. Shop right away.

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