Custom PPE- Perfect Giveaways for the Golf Course

A game of golf is a great way to relax and breathe some fresh mountain air in the stressful times around. So, if you are promoting your golf resort, golf club or a nonprofit golfing organization, personal  care products  will make great handouts that will impress everyone.


Safety come first in the new normal world  and the situation is no different in golf greens as we well. PPE items like hand sanitizer, face masks and mask accessories make great handouts that can be considered. Set up sanitizing stations around the greens and at the entry and exit points for the convenience of the golfers and the audience. Carabiner hand sanitizers will make a handy option as these can be attached to the golf bags to ensure easy access and application

1.8 Oz Hand Sanitizer with Carabiners

 Wet wipes

Antibacterial wipes make another handy giveaway for the golfers as these can be used to wipe golf carts, pull carts, and other accessories.  Custom wet wipes imprinted with your logo and message make a great publicity item for the audience as well. They will use it for a long time even after the game, which in turn will make your message popular among a new set of audience.

10 Piece Antibacterial Sanitizer Wet Wipes

Floor decals

Safety signage and social distancing floor decals that will intimate the customers of protocol and encourage social distancing should be put up. The reception staff at the payment counter should use protective face shields and gloves to stay safe.

6 Feet Apart Social Distance Stickers

Face masks

Wearing face masks is the only proven way to stay safe from germs and slow the spread of the pandemic.  Promoters can consider custom facemasks as their swag to spread the word about their brand and encourage personal safety of the audience. Choose from a wide range of reusable masks. Full color dye sublimated masks will make a fabulous choice to bring is fashion twist to these personal safety items.

Protective Stretchable Polyester Face Masks

Promotional golf products are essential for the marketing of golf courses and country clubs. The conventional promo items include apparels and golf accessories like golf towels, bags or umbrellas. However, in the new normal world, marketers should consider a fair mix of personal safety and wellness items in their marketing mix to make their audience feel safe and reassured. The best part is that these logo items will get used for a long time even outside the greens, which in turn will help your brand make consistent impressions.

Dark Colored Fingertip Towel with Grommet

So, make sure to stock up with these wellness items for your loyal golfers, members and  tourists. Every time they use these golf themed handouts they will represent the course and extend your brand’s reach wherever they go.  Plus, it will also highlight your social commitment in making a healthy community.

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