Custom Phone Wallets – Everyday Items With Tremendous Branding Potential

Business card holders will be used by your recipients and seen by many people around in office, during business events or on the move.  Put your brand on these highly useful items to turn it into perfect tradeshow swag or store promotional item. Mobile phones have become an integral part of everyone’s life in the digital age. Reports show that on an average we check our phones around 100 times a day. So imagine the exposure your brand will get on these high utility items that come handy in not just carrying the phone but double up as a sleek wallet for keys, credit cards, business cards and other items.

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What we love about custom Phone wallets

Smart Design: Phone wallets flaunt a professional and sleek design that will inspire the customers to use it. These card holders will not remain shoved away in the drawers and will remain always in plain view of  not just the recipients but everyone around. Custom printed VIP card holders that can be stuck to the back of the smart phones can hold business cards or credit cards, which will let the recipients carry their cards everytime they have their phone in hand. This cardholder will stand out against the plain and neutral design of most modern smartphones and will highlight your brand and message easily.

Customization: Custom Phone wallets offer a generous imprint space for your brand and message. Offered in various solid colors, your message on these logo items will literally pop.

Simplicity: The wallet is backed with a gentle layer of adhesive which sticks to phones without leaving any residue upon removal.

Wider appeal: These logo items will enjoy a wider appeal among audience of any age or gender, which makes it easy for marketers to employ these promotional items during tradeshows and events where a diverse and mixed audience is expected.

Versatility: Custom phone holders can be used to promote all types of brands and businesses thanks to its functionality. Every genre of customers will appreciate this logo item for sure.

Increase brand awareness on a budget while giving your business a modern edge with these highly useful custom gifts that are hard to resist. This 2-in-1 custom gift is budget friendly and incredibly practical, which makes it a great corporate gift and tradeshow swag among others. Sometimes simply gifts really matter. Check out these custom silicon card sleeves that are cost effective, practical and visually appealing all at once. Stretch Card Sleeves is another interesting model. Made of stretchy spandex materials, these wallets can be used to carry IDs, credit cards, business cards and more.  Put your brand and message on to get the undivided attention of your audience.

Custom Silicone Phone Wallet

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