Custom Hand Sanitizers: Which One Is the Best For you?

Better hand hygiene has become the winning card in the battle against coronavirus and to slow down its spread. Hands accumulate lot of germs throughout the day as we touch surfaces, shake hands , use shared work desk items etc.  As hands have become a major carrier of germs, ensuring hand hygiene is the best way to stay safe.


As soap and water may not be available always, sanitizers have become a practical way to stay safe in these challenging times.  The hand sanitizer you choose should ideally contain a minimum of 62 percent alcohol for it to be effective against germs. Disinfecting your hands so often can make them dry. Choosing sanitizers with Vitamin E or aloe vera extracts, known for its hydrating properties can help.

3.4 Oz Hand Sanitizers with Vitamin E

Hand sanitizers are available in dime a dozen models. Here are a few tips that will help you to choose a model that is best adapted to your situation.

For retail stores

Hand sanitizer gels are a convenient choice for retail businesses. It can be left at the store entrance for your customers to use without much of a mess. All they need to do is apply it and rub the hands ; no rinse needed. Retailers can ensure that the customers’ hands are germ free before they enter the stores to avoid the risks of contamination.

2 Oz Hand Sanitizer Gels

For high traffic zones

Looking for a sanitizer for your reception desk , employee break room and other such high traffic spots in your organization?  Leave a bowl of  custom wet wipes at the reception or the drinking fountain to ensure an easy sanitizing option for everyone. They just need to pick up these individual wipes and use it on their way. It is quick and effective way to keep your prospects disinfected.

Imprinted Tissue Packet

For homes

Sanitizer pumps and jumbo packs will be the most appropriate models for homes as these last long and are budget friendly. These can also be refilled in smaller bottles  when needed.

8 Oz Hand Sanitizer Pump Bottles

On the move

Travel size and easy to carry models like carabiner hand sanitizers will be the best companion of people who travel a lot. Portable and easy to pack in your bag, these sanitizers come in various attractive models. Sanitizer spray is another handy choice. Simple and easy to use, sprays are handy options for people on the move.

Printed 1 Oz Hand Sanitizer With Carabiner

Whether you are a small business or part of a corporation, for every need there is a perfect sanitizer model on offer. Just browse our complete line of models and choose  something that matches your needs.

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