Custom Gifts To Celebrate Summer Golf- Must Read

Summer is an exciting time for golfers around the world including the US! With so many fantastic tournaments like PGA tournaments, Wyndham Championship and many other events that we cannot wait to watch, golf is indeed happening in our country!


For businesses, golf season will also double up as a brilliant outdoor promotional opportunity to get across their message to the greens and beyond.

Here are some best value golf products on the market;

Golf Apparel– Choose from a broad range of golf apparels that are designed to look good and ensure comfort and style for the players. The soft and breathable design will make the players cool and comfortable even on a sweltering summer mid day!

Men's Puma Golf Essential Polo

Golf accessory bags: Made of 420D nylon these bags with a top zipper closure,have a plastic hook attachment for combining it with a golf bag; available in multiple solid colors.

Printed Golf Accessory Bags

Golf balls:  Your brand and message imprinted on golf balls will get a lot of attention in the greens, practice grounds and golf rooms. Choose from a wide range of models at easy price rates and get your logo go the distance!

Super Soft Callaway® 2-Ball Business Card Box

Golf Divot Tools: These small and nondescript items may not look like a potential business giveaway in the first glance. However, any golfer would vouch how important divot tool can be to put the grass back and keep the game on! Offered in various colors and handy models, these will make portable billboard for your brand all over the greens!

Gimme Divot Repair Tool

Golf shoe bags make a smart way to tackle the nasty problem of smelly shoes for golfers. The mesh design and the side vents of the bags will keep away the stale smell and keep the shoes fresh smelling as the players commute after the game.

Cutter and Buck® Tour Deluxe Golf Shoe Bags

Golf Club Shaped Pencils Having a golf club shaped pencil on the work desks is the best thing that any golf lover can ask for.  These colorful metallic pencils will make great handouts during any golf outing or golf fundraiser events. Customize with your brand ad message to make it extra special.

Golf Club Shaped Pencils

Golf tees: It will help the players to position the ball with precision and improve the golf swing of the players, the quality of the game and your brand exposure all at once. The brightly colored tees will show off your logo every time the player takes a shot!

Birdie Tee Packs

We have much more in custom golf products than what is discussed here. So make sure to browse the products to make a well informed decision. Should you need more information on these logo items, please feel free to contact us. Our team will gladly help you out.