Custom Gardening Gifts that Add Beauty to Lives

Gardening products make great handouts that will inspire the recipients to follow their passion of gardening and add beauty to the lives while making your brand more visible to the outside world. One of a kind, gardening products are perfect for both indoors and outdoors and will get easy attention while being in the good books of the green thumbed audience.

Get your logo and message imprinted on these handy custom gifts to convey the message that your company really appreciates the simple things in life, that many people often take for granted. Versatile handouts for every business niche beyond nature clubs, landscape business and farming industries, these handouts will get your message into a wider family audience comprising of even children and young adults.


Choose from a wide range of gardening products right from planter kits to rain gauge, seeded paper packets, seeded book marks and so much more. Pots made of biodegradable materials like terracotta and coco peat are ideal for businesses that are conscious of the negative affects of  increased non recyclable wastage.

Coco Planter Kits

No matter whether you are looking for a sustainable handout for your business event or personal milestones like birthdays or anniversaries, custom gardening gifts will make a great choice. Your company’s logo imprinted on it will show what you are representing and make it easy for your audience to identify your ecofriendly credentials.

Plastic Rain Gauges

The best part is that you can literally print anything you desire on these high visibility products, which in turn will create endless branding opportunities. Choose from an amazing collection of products which are perfect for both office and home.

With the ever growing concern for the environment, why not take a step in the right direction by including these gardening products in your promotions to highlight your responsibility and the direction your business is heading? Apart from gaining more customers, these logo items will also create a great brand image in the long run.

Seeded Multicolor Paper Confetti Packets

Plants and trees play a crucial role in ensuring supply of oxygen to the atmosphere and keeping the levels of carbon dioxide emitted by the vehicles under check to ensure a sustainable planet. Promote gardening and spread the awareness  of the importance of planting more trees among kids with these interesting handouts. These gardening and eco-friendly products will inspire your audience to be sensitive to the environment and be part of the cause.

Terra Cotta Lil Planter Kits is one of the best selling branded products in this league. Each kit contains a polypropylene terra cotta colored planter with a variety of seeds, soil disk and instructions-everything packed in a presentation sleeve. These planter kits have a large branding area that allows your logo to really stand out while matching your color theme.

Terra Cotta Lil Planter Kits

If you are interested in doing your part to make our planet greener, these logo items will make a great option.