Custom Backpacks- Promo Gifts That Work For Any Business

Even in the new normal topsy turvy world, some  items like backpacks  have not lost their popularity and relevance a wee bit. Available in an incredible range of styles, custom backpacks will always be popular promotional items. Businesses can make the best use of the lucrative marketing opportunities and reach out to specific audiences with specialized bags that meet their needs.

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The surging Backpacking crowd

Work, play and everything in between, custom backpacks  will fit all the bills with ease! This is what has made backpacks a great handout for the backpacking community who cannot survive without their favorite bags wherever they go!

#1 –Students

School grounds are the spawning grounds for the latest trends in backpacks. Gone are the days of big and bulky bags; now backpacks have become sleek and stylish and ideal for the technology driven world of school students. Laptops and tablets are class room essentials these days and backpacks that are designed to carry technology safely have become popular across school and college campuses.

Backpacks are not just for the class rooms or back to school promotions. These make great handouts for job fairs and education events. Students will be proud to wear branded backpacks of their schools.

Custom back packs are one of the most retained campus accessories. These trendy bags not just pop up in school events, game days, recruitment events and other school events but students love to share it in the social media pages to make your brand even more popular.

 Imprinted Bamm Bamm Backpacks


As businesses are reopening and the employees are back to their office mode of working, there has been a surge in the demand of custom backpacks. For  businesses it will make a great welcome back gift for their team. With the list of everyday essentials that employees need to carry has gone up with the pandemic, these backpacks will make a perfect choice.

Spacious enough for their masks, gloves, sanitizers and other PPE these stylish bags will make their transition to the new normal world life style  hassle free and smooth. Customize it with your logo, message and inspirational quotes to make it special. You can even choose models with earbud ports and added storage options to meet the work style of your team.

High Line Backpacks

Outdoorsy clients

Though overseas holidays and long  road trips are  yet to take off because of the social distancing policies in force in some parts, people still set out on small trips and picnics with family or close friends.

Backpacks will make a great way to pack the essentials and enjoy a hand free convenience during hiking, biking or more. Choose from a wide range of models in interesting colors and designs that will cheer up your audience no matter what’s going on in the world outside!

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Find the most trending custom backpacks in town by exploring our complete line and impress your audience while putting your brand on the move!