5 Holiday Sales Promotions To Think About

With the peak holiday shopping season truly on, marketers are busy thinking about last minute holiday sales promotions.

So, in case you are yet to hit the top gear, it is indeed time to get cracking. Christmas will be here in just a few days . After that, it’s all hands on deck! Here are five holiday sales promotions that you can surely incorporate in your marketing plan .

1. Stocking-Stuffer Promotion

It is no secret that buying custom holiday gifts for most people is difficult. Further more, gift ideas can be challenging enough. So, stocking stuffer will be a great way to drive up the traditional feel of Christmas and add a surprise element to the events. Some of the  custom giveaways that can certainly be considered include Christmas ornaments, food and candy gifts and glow products.

Accessories like bandanas or sunglasses too make great choices.It will easily fit into a stocking and hence you can easily use these logo items in a stocking-stuffer promotion.Another possible idea is to combine two or more small gifts to enhance the value. Perhaps you could offer a coupon code as well to get the audience back in your stores soon after. Put on your creative caps to come up with a great gift idea!

Secret Santa Promotion

All over the country, offices and organizations will be doing secret Santa programs again this year. You can choose from a wide range of practical and affordable giveaways. From tech accessories to winter staples like beanies and insulated tumblers, you have a lot of gift ideas to choose from.

Christmas Bogo Sale

Retailers can come up with buy-one-get-one (BOGO) offer.  It will always work well at Christmas time as consumers are always looking for bigger deals.

Free giveaways

A proven way to get traffic in the door is to offer free gifts. The holiday shopping season is indeed wrought with possibilities. Include popular handouts like kitchen accessories, wine bags and something similar in your promotions.

You can even set up an Advent calendar with different compartments to open each day. You can designate who would open the calendar on each day. For instance it could be 10th customer on one day or 16th customer on another day and so on. Opening the calendar reveals a special gift that goes to that customer.


End-Of-Year Promotion

Holiday promotions are also about end-of-year promotion to close things out. Spread the word with mailer campaigns or online publicity to get maximum customers to the stores.

Hopefully, you can use some of the ideas mentioned above in making your holiday promotions exciting.